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Laminated Glass

Anti-Reflective Glass

 Low-reflection glass , also known as anti-reflective glass or non-reflective glass , anti-glare glass . 

It is a glass that is specially treated on the glass surface . the principle is to treat high-quality glass with a single -sided or double-sided frosting and polishing process . compared with ordinary glass , it has a lower reflectance , so that the reflectivity of light is reduced to less than 1% , thereby reducing the interference of ambient light , improving the clarity and energy of the screen , reducing the screen reflection , and making the image clearer, lifelike . let viewers enjoy better visual effects .

Low-reflective glass reduces the reflectivity of the glass surface below 2% , light transmission can reach more than 80% , gloss can reach more than 60% .

Thickness : 2mm , 3mm

Max Size : 1830x1220mm

Min Size : 90x130mm


No.27-1-1 , Yudai Road , Dalian , China
+86 0411 86469731
fulongglass@aliyun.com  fulong_ma@aliyun.com
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