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Laminated Glass

Picture Frame Glass

Dalian F.T.Z Fulong Glass Products Co.,Ltd is specialize in Aluminum Frames , Plastic Frames , Clip Frames and all kinds frame glass .

Dalian Fulong Qinhuangdao factories provides 2mm and 3mm tempered glass for picture frames , which is different from common picture frame glass .

Fulong tempered picture frame glass is not easy to be broken . it will provide the most worry-free glass for suppliers who are committed to e-commerce sales of photo frames . the provision of services eliminates the disadvantages and drawbacks of being easily broken during mailing to customers .

No.27-1-1 , Yudai Road , Dalian , China
+86 0411 86469731
fulongglass@aliyun.com  fulong_ma@aliyun.com
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